Friday, January 22, 2016

Getting A Trivial Matter Off My Chest.

This will be quick.  Much is made of fashion trends of our youth and racists like to equate course behaviors with "ghetto culture".  Well let me tell you, especially readers under fifty that not much really changes over the decades in my experience.

This really pisses people off today.  But I hate to pop your comfortable bubble but when I was growing up in the 50, a very similar fashion trend hit at least my home town of San Francisco and I suspect many other areas.

Levi's were made there and very popular among particularly anglo pre-teens and teens.  But we modified them by cutting off the belt loops,  folding the waist band in half and pulling the somewhat oversized jeans down our butt.  Yes, right over the butt crack.  We thought that made us look cool and tough.  Couldn't find butt pictures of this era to show you but to assist your imagination, a parallel fashion trend usually went along with this.  That was the flat top, but with long sides combed into a "duck tail" with a "widows peak" in the front.  Most of us kept this in place with a greasy petroleum jelly type hair dressing.  Here is what it looked like, accompanying the but crack Levi's.

The point?  I suppose just to piss off older people.  Nothing really changes, now does it?