Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Dems Are Already In The Impeachment Process

In deed, Democrats have already started the impeachment process.  Just not in word, because for many, it is a threatening word, implying politically driven malice against a rival political leader, rather than a rational act to stem lawless and unethical governance.  Since it has has not been exercised very often in our history, though in deed frequently in countries with authoritarian rule, our dimly informed electorate simply view it as they've seen it exercised elsewhere.  In a democracy, it is a last resort act and one that essentially overturns the will of the people from a prior election. Thus, we see it as a grave measure and dread its use, even as a last resort.

I believe impeachment in this case is the right thing to do morally and ethically. But, hoping hearings with Trumpites testifying we overtly call Impeachment Hearings  are going to move the public opinion needle in a meaningful way as great theater simply defies the reality of where America is now in my opinion.  Don McGahn speaking on camera, IMO will not make much difference. Trumpites are ill informed cultists few of whom will recognize Don McGahn and many other potential witnesses and their role in the Trump administration.  He was not an on camera star like so many of those already convicted for their crimes against our people  They won't believe the truth. It won't matter.  Mueller may be the only notable exception, but even he had a nearly invisible media profile over the last couple of years.  The silent out there have not read his report and will only dimly recognize that he's the guy who wrote the report.  Few will even know he is a Republican appointed by Republicans, not a partisan opponent.

Partisan Democrats who follow political events in some depth are already convinced from solid and visual evidence that Trump and much of his cabal are lawbreakers and liars, supported by fascist cultists.   They don't need theater called Impeachment Hearings to fortify their views. Thus, in my view, theater will not have the impact it did in the Nixon era.  And the more recent  failed Clinton impeachment resulted in a dramatic increase in Clinton's approval rating, even though he was a proven liar about a predatory sexual offense.  

It would appear that a declared impeachment investigation would not produce improved witnesses and evidence when their current Constitutionally supported subpoena power already possessed by Congress.  And back up ignored subpoenas with severe punishment.   So, let's just proceed with investigations already underway as the work of the people and frame them with astute messaging as legitimate evidence gathering to prepare for a possible impeachment, if it proves a last resort necessity to stop a President from further lawlessness.

We know impeachment will die in the Senate. So, lets revamp our messaging on what we stand for and ramp up messaging on the crimes committed before our very eyes. And fight like hell to register suspended voters and build a killer turnout machine to reach rational people who recognize we have their back and reinforce the message that Republicans have abandoned democracy for a fat, dumb, criminal, immoral, fascist wannabe King  who has not delivered on his promises to make them rich like him and don't care about anything but themselves just like him. Yes, just like him. Abandon and shun them as we rebuild a fascist America into a democracy again.

We Democrats have your back.  They only have theirs.  It is as simple as that.  Let's go forward with great policy and messaging to prove what we we stand for.  Making lives better for all, including our political rivals, though they clearly have not earned it.