Sunday, March 27, 2022

Here's A Crazy Idea-An Ununited State for Authoritarians

Clearly, the democracy consensus in America is broken. I'm struggling for an idea as to how to rebuild a democracy consensus.  But here is an idea to liberate us from these crazies who want to destroy the U.S.A. and embrace authoritarianism.  They can even choose Trump as their leader, or Rudy Giuliani, DeSantis or whomever.

Let's allow one or two states to disengage themselves from our democracy and set up a refuge for those hating the liberal democracy we created 250 years ago and want their own thing.

Here is what that would look like.  Their citizens would not be subject to federal law and regulation.  They can pollute freely as long as it does not impact neighboring states.  They can embrace racism,   reinstalling something like Jim Crow.  Let them outlaw homosexuality and sex confirmation procedures.  They can install a state religion and require adherence to its tenets, be they protestant, catholic or whatever the rulers choose.  They can abolish all regulation and taxation and rely on voluntary contributions to run the government services, if their rulers want any such services.  

Healthcare can be totally free market, with care providers charging as they see fit and serving whomever they choose.  Capitalism can be completely free market.  

There would be no public education with families deciding how to educate their children with their own curriculum or unregulated private schools teaching what they want excepting chool curriculum will be provided for them and sanitized to exclude the genocide done on the first Americans, slavery described as happy cotton pickers singing spirituals in the fields and segregation the choice of all involved in society.  Firearms would be totally unregulated with open carry allowed with any form of weapon.

Fire Departments would be private, with a subscription required for service.  Neighborhoods can provide their own voluntary police forces or wealthy people providing private policing for themselves.

There would be a central committee assigned to approve of appropriate conservative content for books. Libraries would contain only those approved books.

Press and news services would be private organizations reporting and disseminating any content they choose with no fact checking or licensing in the case of electronic media, modeled after Fox.

Speech would be monitored and violators expressing liberal or progressive ideas would be charged, tried and incarcerated.

The rulers can choose any form of government organization they wish with no Constitution and can change the form at will.  They rulers would be appointed by the wealthy and deposed as they choose at any time.  There would be no elections, ever.  Military protection from invasion would be provided by private militias.

Grocers and pharmacists can charge anything they choose for products and services. There would be no regulation of the safety of their products.   There would be no public mail services; Fedex et al  would serve this purpose and charge at will, case by case.

There would be no currency; the state can set up its own bitcoin or bartering service.  There would be no retirement funds by employers and citizens would be on their own to provide for their own support.

I'd be open to suggestions on my Facebook page where this would be published as to which states might opt to volunteer for this undemocracy project......Montana, Idaho, Florida, Texas, whatever.

Texas has had a longstanding secession movement.....maybe Abbott or Cruz would like to lead this movement.