Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Our Children Inspired Our Great Movements

American children were the inspiration of some of our greatest movements that showed the goodness in American society.
The child labor laws of the early twentieth century set the stage for the empowerment of a great labor movement that dominated American life for over 50 years.  These laws showed both compassion, intelligence and heart among the American populace.file:///C:/Users/merri/Desktop/images.jpg
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The school integration movement of the 50's and 60's put our children out front again.  Look at the courage.  Look at the hate.  But these children led us once again.

The DACA children, as those to the right of this blog once again faced hate front and center and didn't flinch.  They showed us courage again in the mid-2000's.  And the truth about our bigotry.  But they choose to live among us and teach us love and compassion.  And Justice.

Now, once again, children pave the way to justice.  Look at the impact they've already had on gun safety around the country.
Look at their courage in the face of stupidity and hate. Learn from them a path forward with greater safety and security to enjoy America The Beautiful.  But in this case, the beautiful is not in the Grand Canyon.  It is in our children, right in front of us, telling us to do the right thing.

America, our history tells us to look to our youth for wisdom and courage.  Our elders?   Not so much it would seem, at least as it relates to how we should treat one another.  Our very flawed but also wise founders, many of them very youthful in their twenties, showed us a better way forward.  It remains to be seen if that is the path we take.