Wednesday, August 7, 2019


I hear all the time, for most of my life complaints from others that "something has to be done about this".  You're right.  Something needs to be done.  You, 64% of American citizens do not participate in civic affairs beyond some of you voting....about half of you.  This according to highly credible Pew research.

Yes, family members and friends over the years have registered such complaints but many of them, most of them by a wide margin.  They don't get engaged unless something directly affects them.....their home, their income, their property, their children, their safety.

But the American model of democracy was designed to move the needle on issues with public engagement, sometimes protest or registering a complaint and solution in person.  The conservative model is if it doesn't impact me directly, I'm not getting involved.  I'm too busy.  They'll have to take care of that themselves.  If they do get engaged, it is usually in order to remove or stop some action impacting them or their immediate family. 

The liberal model is to care about others, on the very practical basis that if you do good for others, they may do good for you when you need it.  There is still self interested in most cases and that is not bad.  Idealism and do goodism are also great, but few exercise it and those that do are amazing.

So, fellow Americans, ask yourselves....when was the last (or first) time you got off the couch and went to a civic, city or county council meeting, met with your Mayor, visited and made a proposal to your state legislator, or congressperson?   Most of you, never.  How about attending a protest?  Or writing a letter, signing a petition, making a phone call.

Even fewer of you have ever run for office either in a local organization or political position.  Or, worked in a campaign for others doing so? Thus, we find ourselves in the current position of having our very democracy dismantled before our very eyes.  And some of you feel badly about that.  Though some of your sit there and say it really doesn't affect me so I'll just go on living my life.

So, those of you just going on and living your lives, you're getting what you deserve and those of us who were engaged and tried are getting the result you majority non-doers produced.  We're all getting screwed in the end.  By the way, thanks. For nothing.