Monday, September 23, 2019

America: Take A Good Look At Us

Take a hard look at this photo.  See the smiling people?  This is 1930 in America.  A lynching at the hanging tree.  These are you.  These are us.  These people are your relatives, friends and neighbors.
Do you think we've changed all that much in 90 years?  This is the reality American people must confront about our past if we are to get past it and function as a humane, civil society.  If not, we will sustain what we have right now, at this very moment.  Trump, Trumpites and about 40 % of  us abandoning democracy and the great experiment created in 1776.  A society they espouse of cruelty to those who are "different", not equal to us.   A society supporting fascist authoritarian leaders rather than the rule of law and a Constitution framing our values, ever to be perfected and improved through cooperation and good faith negotiation.  Make your choice.  Do you want to be the people in this picture?