Sunday, November 13, 2022

Democrats Answered "What Have You Done For Me Lately?"

This is a “People Power” Moment: It's Time for a Revolution in the Name of  Democracy – UC Press BlogVoters asked Republicans "What Are You Going To Do To Me Now?" So the Red Wave didn't materialize and Blue washed over the electorate. The Call To Activism site listed these Biden administration wins for our citizenry: 

.  The Inflation Reduction Act including lowered RX drug prices

.  CHIPS and Science Act

.  PACT Act for veterans

.  First major gun safety laws in decades

.  Took out the leader of al Qaeda

.  Historic job growth

,  Significant reduction in the national deficit

.  Historic low unemployment

.  Expanded the NATO Alliance and major support for Ukraine

.  American Rescue Plan leading fasted jobs recovery in history

.  First African American woman on the Supreme Court

.  Major infrastructure investments

,  Life saving interventions to mitigate the tragedy of the Covid pandemic

.  Applying the Rule of Law to Jan. 6 insurrection participants and planners

Voters rewarded Democrats with a major historic mid-term election success.

Writer Thomas Clay Jr. and I  point out that the Trump Insurrection administration:

.  Lost 5 million jobs 

.  Killed more Americans than the Nazi's

.  Attempted a coup

.  Got impeached twice

.  Got banned from social media

.  Received and filed more lawsuits that any other President

.  Supported efforts to suppress the vote

.  Stole national security secrets and mishandled classified documents

.  Potentially endangered national security

.  Flushed and destroyed national documents in the White House

.  Voiced more documented lies that any other President 

.  Welcomed the support of avoid racists and fascists and supported them

.  The First President to face state and federal indictments for illegal behavior

.  Advocated falsely that the election he lost was stolen from him

And with this record managed to maintain the support of friends and family members who refused to disavow him and refused to support Joe Biden.