Thursday, November 14, 2013

Anybody Else Longing for Single Payer?

Published by Delaware Liberal Blog, Progressive Populist:

Ok, now I am more than totally befuddled about our so called health care reform.  Today the President announced  that if you liked your piece of shit so called catastrophic health policy that covers practically nothing and leads you to bankruptcy court, you can keep it.  If only the insurance companies will willingly volunteer to restore their pieces of shit policies. In the name of good citizenship.
Of course, there's no certainty that the insurance companies can turn around on a dime and rescind cancellation notices they've sent out and reinstate these policies in about a 30 day window.  Have you ever seen an insurance company pay any settlements in 30 days (excepting Medicare which turns around reimbursements on a dime)?  Let alone retool suspended policies, write and mail out letters to policy holders explaining that the policy you thought they cancelled was in fact a piece of shit and compare the piece of shit option to a real policy you might, just might be able to buy on the Obamacare Exchange, if you're lucky, persistent and unbusy enough to get into the site. Yea, I know, that last sentence needs some punctuation.
Yup.  I caved and gave up on pushing my Party to give us a public option or a Medicare For all program and accepted the reality that wall street pushed and bribed our party of the people to subsidize the insurance industry to do the right thing and give us things like no preexisting condition, not cancel us when we really needed the insurance for illness or accident and so on and so forth.   I caved with no illusions held by some in my Party that the Republicans would show love for our supporting one of the worst and ethics free sectors of our capitalist economy, the health insurance industry.  I kinda knew they'd figure out a way to game us and sure enough, we're here.
So, here we are stuck with this Rube Goldberg machine of a payer system.  Let's just hope the gears are well oiled and don't further freeze up on us.  At least until America comes to its senses and we replace all this claptrap with Single Payer.