Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Better Than Mutual Annhiliation

First published in DelawareLiberal on 7/29/2014 by ProgressivePopulist


Ok, here’s a framework proposal for Israel/Palestine  that at least to me makes sense, though crude and not fleshed out with detail. Let the experts do that.

First, the major premises:
. Israel will never agree to disarm unilaterally
. Thus, two co-equal states can’t fly
. Neither party will make peace voluntarily due to their dysfunction and pathology
. Most of their respective previous demands must be met
. The international community made this mess, it has to fix it
. World peace and security is jeopardized with the current state of conflict

So, here goes:
. An international intervention, first offered voluntarily and if denied, forced on the two parties…probably with the UN as a peacekeeping force but with major trusted groups from both sides providing the reorganization: ie: the Arab League, UN and maybe NATO.

. Create a single, unitary Israeli/Palestinian State.

. The New national  government has co-equal Jewish/Arab legislative, judicial and executive representation. The President and Prime Minister alternative between Israeli and Palestinian (Arab and Jew) each election cycle; equal seats in Knesset and courts, irrespective of ultimate ethnic mix irrespective of population growths in each category.

. The right of  Palestinian return honored, using international funding and housing starting with relocation of refugees and settlers and reuse of settlements for the Palestinian refugees.

. Temporarily demilitarize Israel and disarm Palestinians.

. The single state is given a new constitution protecting all the citizenship and religious rights of both Palestinians, Israelis, Jews and Muslims, likely within ’67 borders.

. Restore a national single state military after stabilization and withdrawl of occupying peacekeepers for future defense against outside attack or internal insurrection.

. Similar co-equal  governance of Jerusalem, but to include Christian representation.

. Equal protection of all religious/ethnic groups.

. Those on either side unwilling to abide by such a construct are offered immunity and relocation elsewhere in the world.

. The international community provides military and economic security until the country and economy is restarted.