Monday, July 16, 2018

The World Witnessed An Act Of Treason on 7/16/18

Donald Trump today, in Helsinki, in view of the entire world committed an act of treason by its classical Constitutional definition.  He aided and abetted a foreign nation who has interfered with our most precious right to free and fair elections.

The Special Counsel evidence of Russian actions in influencing the outcome of our 2016 Presidential and Federal election through direct engagement with our processes, electioneering and voting infrastructure, revealed in the July 13, 2018 is inescapable.  It led to the indictments of Russian military leaders, directed only by their President Putin  What they did and accomplished would not have been possible without the obvious assistance and collaboration of Republican Party and Trump campaign leadership, starting with the candidate himself and inclusive of key leaders within the organizations directing the intricate and complex process of American campaigns and elections.

The specifics of this collaboration were granular in detail with data involving very localized knowledge and research that could have been known only to American political operatives.

Key campaign and party players who deny the facts now on the ground, acknowledged by a Grand Jury of our fellow citizens as well as the entirety of our Federal intelligence and criminal justice agencies, are complicit in conspiracy to commit Treason.  They must be relieved of duty.

 It is nearly certain that Trump and  his complicit Vice President do not possess the integrity to resign as an act to preserve our democratic Republic. It is equally certain that the Republican leadership in Congress are craven power mongers who also do not have integrity.

 If this is the case,  We The People have no choice but to flood the streets of the Capitol and grind the work in our public buildings to a total halt until resignations are rendered.  And, in November, elect nearly total replacements to our Congressional Republican office holders.  A process needs to be put in place to elect a new President and Vice President that does not involve succession by complicit Republican leaders under the normal succession process.  These are not not normal times.  Whatever provisions are unavailable through clearly stated Constitutional and statutory law should be administered by our Supreme Court with assistance from sitting State Governors to assure a lawful restructuring of new Federal leadership.

State leaders need to rise up in protest through all possible means to both impede further Federal governing activity and temporarily fill the void created with State services and actions.

There simply is no choice available to us that will restore our functioning Republic.