Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sow The Seeds For Victory 2020

The seeds to which I refer are the issues that voters care about to make their lives better.  Our Democratic field of Presidential candidates so far bring to America a rich field of major life improving issues and solutions.  Lets start with leadership characteristics abounding with the already announced field.   Personal morality and ethics for starters.  Honesty and truthfulness.  Intelligence. Tolerance and empathy.  All of our Democratic hopefuls can be models our children and grandchildren could look up to compared to the sexual predator, bigot, ignorant liar and con man currently failing in his attempt to lead us.

Gillibrand, O'Rourke, Hickenlooper, Inslee, Sanders, Klobuchar, Warren, Booker, Harris, Castro, Gabbard, Biden, Buttigieg.  Differing strains of thought from within the Party, but all thinking people of character.  

And each is bringing a key value and issue positions for our public discussion.  Life sustaining climate action, economic fairness and income security, healthcare for all, affordable education and career training, support for the needs of children, elderly and disabled.  Retirement dignity and security, peace, positive relationships with international allies, security checks on hostile foreign entities, gender and racial equality, equal rights for all to love whom they choose.  Freedom of and from religion, communities that are safe from violence, bullying and hate and commerce that is first and foremost committed to providing value without harm to communities and the environment.  Welcoming of immigrants of diverse backgrounds  and humane treatment of migrants is at the core of the Democratic value system.  As is restoring a functioning democracy and ending creeping fascism.

These candidates and these values they advocate are the solution to victory for Democrats in 2020.  The goodness of who they are and what Democrats stand for will prevail over an opposition that will defeat itself with their amorality, greed and absence of  values.  They will defeat themselves with their stark contrast to Democrats.  We will win showing how good we are for America.  They will lose showing their hate, corruption, greed and ineptitude.