Thursday, October 10, 2013

Let Me Count The Ways The Tea Party Loves Us

35 by my count.  Maybe you can add to the list.  Not satisfied that there are thousands of varieties of teas they can throw overboard, they have voiced at least 35 issues they want the President to “have a conversation” about to end the shutdown and/or the debt ceiling crisis.

Here they are: Repeal O-care, defer O-care, end the O-care individual mandate, delay O-care, mitigate O-care damage, repeal the medical device tax, reduce government spending, no new taxes, cut federal benefits (except their own), cut the deficit, fund FEMA, fund the National Weather Service, fund Head Start, back pay for furloughed Federal employees, fund veterans benefits, fund the National Parks, fund D.C., fund the military, fund air traffic controllers, “get something out of this”, meet on a budget, create a conference committee, create a committee of twenty, approve the Keystone pipeline,  fund military death benefits, reform the tax code, energy regulatory reform, a one year debt limit waiver, block net neutrality, end Dodd-Frank, means testing for Medicare, tort reform, repeal the public health trust fund, end coal ash regulations,  end EPA carbon regulations, end Social Security block grants…..I’m sure more have been raised since I started typing this list.

In sum total, replace the Democratic Party/Obama agenda which won by a margin of 5 million votes  with the failed Romney campaign platform.