Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vet To Cruz: Keep Your Slimy Hands Off My Monuments

This post first appeared in Delaware Liberal on 3/14.

Ted Cruz, you dishonor your title, Senator.  You do not deserve it.  You dishonor all U.S. military veterans and the monuments built to honor us.  Yes, I say us.  I am the third generation in my family to serve as an officer in the U.S. Army.  My father served in WWII and Korea.  His father served in WWI.  The monument you visited with your merry band of nut cases over the weekend was built to honor our brothers and sisters who served the UNITED States of America.  Get it?  They served and many gave their lives not just for Texas or Alaska, but all the United States, every damned one of them and all of them together.  Why do I mention Alaska?  Because your insulting, hypocritical visit to these memorials included your evil twin sister, Sarah Palin.
You two represented the leadership of your seccessionist tribe of teabaggers who stand for the neoconfederacy you advocate to replace our United States.  You argue for the un-uniting of our nation-state, yet you visit shrines built to memorialize those who stood for preserving our United States against external threats to our existence.  You two represent an internal threat to our unity and existence.
To add to the insult you made by visiting the WWII Memorial, you and your tribe carried the battle flag of the confederacy.  What a cruel irony.  The flag representing the seccessionist southern army which fought for and lost the cause of taking our nation apart for a thoroughly dishonorable objective.
Here's another cruel irony.  Your father sought refuge in this United States of America for his family on the premise of a better life than he thought you might have faced in Cuba.  You all immigrated to and sought citizenship in the USA.  Now you advocate tearing it apart.
Shame on you.  As a proud veteran I demand you demean yourself in some other venue.  Take your hypocritical presence to a more appropriate memorial...perhaps memorializing the now dead confederacy you are trying to revive.