Sunday, November 9, 2014

Debbie: It's Time To Move On

First Published in DelawareLiberal on November 9, 2014 by Progressive Populist


Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the DNC, you need to move on.  Thanks for your efforts on behalf of us bruised and bloodied Democrats but we need ideas and real work from the DNC to pull us out of the ditch.  I was going to say "fresh" ideas, but frankly, I've seen nothing resembling any kind of idea coming out of DNC leadership lately.  So I repeat, ideas and solutions.

We've got the best Presidential record in modern history on so many measures  yet you and your lackluster communications team allowed the Republicans to command the narrative and dominate a lap dog media.   Obama bad; Obama not so white.  America not producing for everyman.
We have so many success stories with this administration.  They never got told.  No solutions to the economic malaise most of us are living.  What we got from the DNC was mostly the sound of silence.  Our base was thirsty for red meat from our Party.  They were waiting.  The meal never came.  Just a bowl of gruel. They wanted a fighting spirit and a powerful message that rocked them to their core.  They wanted ideas for change to make their lives better.  They heard heavy breathing, but no words.  We became apathetic and hopeless.

With all due respect, Debbie, it is a really bad idea for a sitting officeholder to lead the DNC.  Your perspective is tainted by the environment you live in every day there in Congress.
So, thank you.  By all means, let's bring on more women in DNC leadership.  We have a proud legacy with our brand.  It is time for the DNC and its leadership to clearly and artfully tell your Party faithful and those open to listening what we stand for.

Then, aggressive, constant, coordinated (with our electeds and state party leaders) repetitive messaging.

You made the decision and announced that there would be no national Democratic campaign or message.  That was your idea.  It failed us.  It didn't work.  Doing nothing (but demanding money) didn't work.  So grateful for your efforts.  You apparently gave it your best shot.  Now it's time move forward with a new program.

Onward with new Party leadership.