Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The DNC Needs A Dean Redux

First Published in DelawareLiberal on November 25, 2014 by ProgressivePopulist


A couple of commentaries appeared in the media this week from two divergent factions in the party, both in agreement.  Governor Terry McAuliffe and Howard Dean both went public with rather extensive statements that the DNC needs rebuilding.  We must have messaging on our accomplishments and what we stand for.

McAuliffe spoke quite critically of the failure of our National Party to address the challenges of our struggling middle class and the need for major economic reforms.  This from a guy who I always viewed as a brilliant fund raiser but shallow thinker.   He did leave our party in great financial shape. Maybe I was wrong about the shallowness.

I think he really understands the failed leadership of our Party here in a time of our most desperate need for economic reform.  He also spoke of our President's brilliant record on so many fronts which were ignored by the DNC's non-existent messaging program.

Adding insult to injury, the clueless  but very well insured Democratic leader Chuck Schumer came this week with absurd commentary that it was a huge mistake for Congressional Democrats to undertake healthcare reform  in Obama's first term.  In a clearly uncoordinated messaging effort of his own without collaboration with the White House or DNC, he said we should have focused on the economy and not done the Affordable Care Act.  Is our Federal Government a one trick pony, incapable of multi-tasking?

I thought all along we were doing both.  And I also thought  and still think healthcare, or the cost of it is a major drag on the national and well as household economies.

Howard Dean was interviewed extensively this week on his successful 50 state strategy during his tenure as DNC Chair.  He was quite blunt as usual on the strategic failure of the DNC during this most recent election cycle.  And he too pointed out the complete silence of any messaging strategy on our accomplishments and solutions for the  future of our people.

Debbie W.S., are you hearing this?  DNC members, are you going to secure for us here in the trenches new leadership ?  And I hope an updated, technology supported redux of the Dean era?  Are you going to bring him in as a consultant to your replacement for  Debbie W.S. and fire the useless consultants who gave us so little in 2014?

Delaware DNC members Bob Gilligan and Karen Valentine, what exactly are you doing to get this party up and running again in preparation for 2016?  This includes the local party which is so desperately in need of energy.  What say you?  Would love to hear from you on this blog.