Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dems Running From Obama- Headed Where Exactly?

First Published in DelawareLiberal on November 2, 2014 by ProgressivePopulist

Ok, so where exactly are you going,  Democrats running away from President Obama ?  I hope into oblivion, a suitable place for the oblivious.

Let's review the record, all supported by facts and verified data:

l.  His policies saved us from total economic collapse.  This doesn't measure up for you?

2. Over five years now of expansion of the previously in the ditch economy.  What did you do to dig us out of the ditch?

3. For you tax hawks,  we've got lower income taxes than at anytime since the 60's for almost all of us.

4. For you spending hawks, our federal spending is increasing way below 2% per year......lowest since Eisenhower.  Way lower than Reagan or "W"'s + 8% per year.

5. Your constituents no longer have to pay for the healthcare of 7-10 million fellow citizens who are now insured by Obamacare.  And those without Obamacare now get fairer coverage thanks to ending things like pre-existing condition penalties.

6. Sending your kids off to war?  Not so much anymore, true?

7. Job creation in the private sector?  Nearly 5 years of the longest period of job growth in our entire nation's history.  Ten million people put back to work.

8. Unemployment down to 5.9% from double digits under Bush and Obama's first year.  Yea, we all know, we need better jobs and pay but it sure beats layoffs in the hundreds of thousands monthly.

9. Domestic oil vs. foreign.  For the first time, we now export more than we import.

10. Your retirement funds in the stock market.   All time high.

11. Budget deficits have been reduced by 2/3 since the beginning of Obama's first term; he inherited a $1.4 trillion budget rock around our necks.

Somehow, the Obama administration managed to do all of this with a Republican opposition vowing to ruin his Presidency......because it would appear that they do not want to be led by African American Americans.  They filibustered him more than at any time in our history; obstructed his appointments.  Lied about his proposals and policies and insulted him repeatedly.

But President Obama soldiered on and managed to produce one of our greatest Presidencies.  And he is far from through, irrespective of who wins congress in November.

So what exactly are you cowards running from?  And to where?